The Superfluid Enterprise: How Modern Finance Organizations Can Remove Friction and Accelerate Enterprise Performance 

In a recent Deloitte survey, nearly half of respondents said their top goal was to create digital capability and modernize legacy systems. Yet, while Finance is well poised to drive these transformation efforts, only 5% of Finance leaders say that they’re seeing a substantial ROI from investments in digitization and automation. What’s the disconnect?

In this session with Celonis CFO Guido Torrini and Enowa Partner and Founder Winni Hesel, you’ll hear how organizations are using Celonis to level up their finance team’s digital capabilities, modernize their legacy systems (or simply - make it work better) and create streamlined processes that scale.

You will:
  • Learn how process mining will help your organization gain visibility into once-opaque processes
  • Identify trends and patterns across systems using process mining
  • Uncover optimization opportunities, and monitor for sustained success
  • Discover tactical best practices for understanding and fine-tuning your process
  • Gain strategic insights and sit for a fireside chat to answer your questions

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