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Key Insights from HR Executives

Every organization is looking at the future of work – how work is changing, how their workforce is evolving, and just as importantly how their workplace needs to transform. HR executives must bring the latest in strategic thinking and HR technology to the table, to ensure their companies don’t get left behind in the race for talent and competitive advantage.

Recently, Argyle Group hosted the 2019 Virtual Event: How HR Executives are Designing the Future of Work, and we’re happy to present the important insights and best practices we learned.

Highlights include the top trends that will be driving your agenda in 2020 and beyond, what it means to be a data-driven HR organization, a deep dive into strategies that work and where to start, and finally, why you need to learn more about how AI will change your role as
senior HR executive.
In this guide, we’re sharing valuable insights from human resource leaders that focus on the future of work.
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